The Doctors Revisited

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To celebrate the 50th Anniversary in 2013, BBC America produced The Doctors Revisited, a multi-part documentary series, one per month starting in January and concluding in November.

Each month focused on a different incarnation of the Doctor. "Revisited" was a half hour retrospective featuring interviews with the cast, crew and fan commentators, followed by a 4-part serial (or an equivalent) shown complete in an omnibus format.

The eleven instalments shown on BBC America were:

Doctors Revisisted DVD.jpg

The documentaries also aired on UKTV in Australia and New Zealand, where the serials were shown episodically. The UK digital channel Watch also showed the specials, but some of the omnibus stories they played afterwards were different (the McCoy serial was Battlefield, for example).

The stories (episodically rather than compilations) and documentaries were all later released on a set of three DVDs in 2013, with introductions by Steven Moffat.