List of Conventions in the United States

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List of Conventions in the United States

  • This list (of over 250 events) contains only conventions where Doctor Who cast or crew attended.
  • There were hundreds if not thousands of fan-run gatherings, mini-conventions and events (such as pledge-drives) that aren't covered here. Also omitted are Blakes 7 conventions where Terry Nation was the only Doctor Who guest, and events where Douglas Adams, in his capacity as creator of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, was also a guest.
  • Persons whose names are struck through are identified in publicity or other advertising material as attending, but who ultimately did not appear at the event
  • Additional information, such as convention booklets and advertising flyers, can be found for some of the events on the relevant city / state profile.
  • As BroaDWcast covers only the classic series, this list stops at the end of 2004.

Date City State Venue Name Guests Notes
July 6-8, 1979Los AngelesCaliforniaLA MarriottLos Angeles Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy ConventionNo Doctor Who guests, but continuous videos of the series played in the "Doctor Who Theatre". Report in Starlog 25
Dec. 1, 1979Los AngelesCaliforniaContinental Hyatt HouseGallifreyan IrregularsTom Baker, Graham Williams, Terrance Dicks, Gerry Davis, Don Gallacher (music producer of Mankind's disco version of the theme-tune)Baker and Williams showed up at the eleventh hour; the studio sessions for Shada had been cancelled and they had nothing else to do that weekend. Video room included The Daemons and Nightmare of Eden 1. Extensive con report and interview with Baker in Starlog 34. Interview with Dicks in Starlog 37.
Mar. 1-2, 1980Los AngelesCaliforniaHyatt RegencyWho 1 (Gallifreyan Irregulars)Ian Marter, Elisabeth SladenReport and interviews in Starlog 42
Aug. 14-16, 1981TulsaOklahomaCamelot HotelPanopticon WestTom Baker, Lalla Ward, Peter Davison (1st con), Sandra Dickinson, John Nathan-Turner (1st con), David Valla (The War Games)Davison had finished recording Kinda the day before. Guests are only there on the 16th, due to an air-traffic controllers strike that delayed their flight. Videos shown include The Edge of Destruction, The Rescue, An Unearthly Child 1. Interviews with JNT and Davison in Fantastic Films 28, Fantasy Empire 4, and Davison in Starlog 62, article in Tulsa World
Feb/Mar?, 1982GainesvilleFloridaUniversity of FloridaJohn Nathan-TurnerNathan-Turner showed tapes of Peter Davison stories (We're not exactly sure when this event was; it would have likely been soon after season 19 had wrapped (8 Feb 1982) and before rehearsals for season 20 had commenced (on 30 March 1982). (OmniCon III was held in Fort Lauderdale from 5-7 Feb; if JNT was in the US for that, the visit to Gainesville may have been as a side-trip.)
July 16-18, 1982ChicagoIllinoisAmericana CongressPanopticon West IIJohn Nathan-Turner, Sarah Sutton, Elisabeth Sladen, Terry Nation, Anthony Ainley, Terry Sampson (BBC Enterprises)Also known as "Sweatcon". There were 3,000 attendees. Recording on Arc of Infinity had just been completed; Nathan-Turner announced the pre-sale to the US of 78 Peter Davison episodes (i.e. three seasons worth). It was while at this event that Nathan-Turner sounded out Nation for permission to do a Dalek story to close the 20th season. The KRMA documentary Once Upon a Time Lord was filmed. Season 19 shown in video room. Report in DWM 76. Preview in the Chicago Tribune
Aug. 21-22, 1982New OrleansLouisianaTerrance DicksOn the morning of 22 August, Dicks was woken by a telephone call from script editor Eric Saward asking him to write The Five Doctors
Sept. 18-19, 1982DenverColorado Star Con-Denver VIJohn Nathan-TurnerIt was while at this convention, that Doctor Who Fan Club of America president, Ron Katz, established an "agreement" with John Nathan-Turner for the club to sell "unofficial" DWFCA merchandise. Castrovalva and Earthshock were shown.
Oct. 23, 1982Fort LauderdaleFloridaOceanside Holiday Inn?Galaxy Party (Omnicon)Jon Pertwee (first U.S. con)
Nov. 21, 1982DenverColoradoMammoth GardensWhovian Festival II (aka Colorado Whovian Festival)Sarah Sutton, Anthony AinleyThis was the first event run by the newly-formed Doctor Who Fan Club of America (DWFCA). Whovian Festival I (June 5, 1982) was a local gathering with no celebrity guests.
Feb. 4-6, 1983Fort LauderdaleFloridaOceanside Holiday InnOmnicon IVPeter Davison, Sandra Dickinson, John Nathan-Turner, Nicholas Courtney, Terrance DicksDW and Star Trek. Davison - who wore his Doctor's costume - had just completed recording Enlightenment. Courtney often talks of his first-ever US convention where he encountered lots of female fans dressed as the Brigadier. (In his autobiography, "Still Getting Away With It" (2005), Courtney says his first US con was at the Holiday Inn in Fort Lauderdale, in 1982 - soon after he'd finished Mawdryn Undead. Since the only Fort Lauderdale convention we know of in 1982 was Omnicon, held in February, at least six months before Mawdryn Undead, we feel sure Courtney has the year incorrect, and that the year of his first con was 1983.) Articles in the Galveston Daily News and the Sun-Sentinel.
Feb. 13, 1983ChicagoIllinoisNew Fantasy ShopJohn Nathan-TurnerMore of a signing than a convention, photos of event HERE. Photo in DWM 83. Photos of Nathan-Turner and costumed fans appear in the Radio Times 20th Anniversary Special.
Feb. 19-20, 1983ChicagoIllinoisNew Fantasy ShopPeter Davison, Sandra DickinsonMore of a signing than a convention; signing sessions ran from noon-2pm, then 4-6pm on the first day, and noon-2pm, 3-5pm on the second. A (delayed) story was run in the 6 May 1983 Daily Herald. Photos in DWM 83, and HERE, and HERE (from the 20th).
Mar. 13, 1983GainesvilleFloridaUF Carleton AuditoriumWhovian Festival Tour (DWFCA) mini-festivalRon KatzProbably no guests. Katz showed two stories: "Ones that haven't aired yet, featuring Peter Davison." Story in the The Sun
May 27-30, 1983San Francisco (Palo Alto)CaliforniaNADWASTom Baker
May 28-30, 1983SeattleWashingtonSeattle Trade CenterFuturefest 83Not sure if any DW guests attended.
July 9-10, 1983TampaFloridaMcKay AuditoriumWhovian Festival Tour (DWFCA)Jon Pertwee, Elisabeth Sladen, John Nathan-TurnerReport in Whovian Times, Oct. 1983. Interview with Sladen in Starlog 77 (conducted sometime during this July visit)
July 13, 1983Chapel HillNorth CarolinaHamilton Hall, University of NCWhovian Festival Tour (DWFCA)Jon Pertwee, Elisabeth Sladen, John Nathan-TurnerReports in Whovian Times, Oct. 1983, KITH Newsletter, and Star-News
July 16-17?, 1983New YorkNew YorkBeacon TheatreWhovian Festival Tour (DWFCA)Jon Pertwee, Elisabeth Sladen, John Nathan-Turner?Report in Whovian Times, Oct. 1983. NOTE: According to a contemporary fanzine report, Nathan-Turner attended three US cons in six weeks. We know he attended Panopticon West III from 22-24 July and the 20th Anniversary Con in August, so the third con was either before Panopticon or after ComicCon, or between the two. This third con is highly likely to have been this New York event, which was one of many Whovian Festival Tours with Pertwee, Sladen and Nathan-Turner being held at the time. (Nathan-Turner was certainly back in the UK by 19 August 1983, in order to arrange and attend the press conference / photo-shoot announcing Colin Baker as the sixth Doctor.)
July 16-17, 1983Chicago (Rosemont)IllinoisSheraton O'HareCreationTom BakerPhotos in DWM 83, and HERE. Tom Baker appeared on local news.
July 19, 1983PhiladelphiaPennsylvaniaWalnut Street TheaterWhovian Festival Tour (DWFCA)Jon Pertwee, Elisabeth Sladen, John Nathan-Turner?Report in Whovian Times, Oct. 1983
July 22-24, 1983ColumbusOhioQuality InnPanopticon West III (Prydonian Renegades)John Nathan-Turner, Anthony Ainley, Fiona Cumming, John Levene, Ian Fraser, David Saunders (from DWAS)Nathan-Turner was therefore absent for the final day's location filming on The Awakening. Saunders recalls that rumours were circulating at the con that Colin Baker had been cast as the sixth Doctor. Report in Fantasy Empire 12, and interview with Ainley in Starlog 80, and JNT in Starlog 82. Footage shown in The Whovians
July 23-24, 1983ChicagoIllinoisGranada TheatreWhovian Festival Tour (DWFCA)Jon Pertwee, Elisabeth SladenPhotos in DWM 83. Report in Whovian Times, Oct. 1983
July 30-31, 1983DenverColoradoParamount TheatreWhovian Festival Tour (DWFCA)Jon Pertwee, Elisabeth Sladen (and John Nathan-Turner?)See New York note above re the uncertainty regarding Nathan-Turner
Aug. 12-14, 1983Chicago (Des Plaines)IllinoisRamada O'HareThe Authorized Dr. Who 20th Anniversary Celebration (ComicCon)Peter Davison, Ian Marter, Janet Fielding (1st con), John Nathan-Turner, Nicholas CourtneyRecording for Frontios had just been completed. Nathan-Turner brought tapes of season 20 episodes. Reports in DWM 83 and Fantasy Empire 13, and photos HERE
Aug. 20-21, 1983PhiladelphiaPennsylvaniaCenter HotelCreationJohn LeesonLeeson often speaks of the time he was once the sole guest at a convention in Philadelphia, where (in disguise) he participated in a "K9 sound-alike competition" - and lost! Presumably it was this one. Photo of "disguised" Leeson in Starlog 143. Article in The Inquirer
Oct. 1-2, 1983ChicagoIllinoisContinental HotelCreationTom Baker, Louise Jameson
Nov. 19-20, 1983BostonMassachusettsBoston SheratonNADWASTom BakerArticle in The Sunday Times
Nov. 19-20, 1983Chapel HillNorth CarolinaUniversity of NCContrast
Nov. 26-27, 1983Chicago (Rosemont)IllinoisHyatt Regency O'HareThe Ultimate Celebration (Spirit of Light)Tom Baker, Jon Pertwee, Patrick Troughton (1st con), Peter Davison, Nicholas Courtney, Ian Marter, John Nathan-Turner, Anthony Ainley, John Leeson, Janet Fielding, Elisabeth Sladen, Carole Ann Ford, Mark Strickson, Sarah Sutton, Louise Jameson, Mary Tamm, Nicola Bryant, Fiona Cumming, Ian Fraser, Gary Downie, Julie Brennan, Terry Nation, Peter Moffatt, Matthew WaterhouseLocation filming for The Caves of Androzani had been completed the week before. On 28 November, various UK news bulletins, such as BBC 1 News and Newsround reported on the event, one of which was used in the 29 November edition of Video Dispatch in New Zealand. Also on 29 November, Entertainment Tonight reported on the convention. On 3 December, Entertainment This Week ran the same story, but with an edit that omitted the majority of the clips from The Five Doctors. That same edition of ETW aired in New Zealand on 17 December 1983, and in Australia on 8 January 1984. The existing elements of Shada were shown for the first time. A full con report appeared in DWM "Merchandise Special" 1984. Pertwee recorded a voiceover for the con's TV commercial. Fan Video of Pertwee, Sladen, Courtney on stage: PART 1; PART 2; panel footage HERE. Photos HERE. Report in DWB 7 & 8 and Fantasy Empire 16.
Feb. 3-5, 1984Fort LauderdaleFloridaOceanside Holiday Inn Omnicon VJohn Nathan-Turner, Colin Baker (1st con), Nicola Bryant, Anthony Ainley, Nicholas CourtneyThe first studio session for The Twin Dilemma had been completed. Baker and Bryant wore their costumes. Report and extensive interview with Baker in Fantasy Empire 12.
Feb. 11-12, 1984PhiladelphiaPennsylvaniaCreationTom BakerFootage appears in the NJN documentary Doctor Who's Who's Who, and some can be seen HERE
Mar. 30-Apr. 1, 1984St. LouisMissouriHenry VIII Inn and LodgePanopticon West (NADWAS)Tom Baker
May 26-28, 1984RochesterNew YorkCreationNicholas Courtney, Terrance Dicks
June 2-3, 1984San FranciscoCaliforniaCreationSarah Sutton
June 9-10, 1984PhiladelphiaPennsylvaniaCreationNicholas Courtney, Sarah Sutton, Ian MarterReport on NJN. Footage appears in the NJN documentary Doctor Who's Who's Who
June 15-17, 1984ColumbusOhioQuality InnTime Festival Panopticon West IV (aka DWExpo '84)Colin Baker & Marion Wyatt, John Nathan-Turner, Gary Downie, Elisabeth SladenLocation filming for Attack of the Cybermen had just been completed. Report in DWM 96, and interviews with Nathan-Turner and Baker in Marvel US #5
June 16-17, 1984Washington (Arlington, Va.)District of ColumbiaHyatt Regency Crystal CityCreationElisabeth Sladen, Sarah Sutton
June 23-24, 1984BostonMassachusettsCreation
June 30-July 1, 1984DetroitMichiganCreation
July 6-8, 1984MobileAlabamaRiverview PlazaGulf Con 84Elisabeth Sladen
July 7-8, 1984DenverColoradoCreation
July 14-15, 1984BostonMassachusettsCreationElisabeth Sladen
July 21-22, 1984ChicagoIllinoisContinental HotelCreationMary Tamm, George TakeiDW and Star Trek
July 27-29, 1984St. LouisMissouriGateway Con IIJohn Nathan-Turner, Anthony Ainley, Mary Tamm?
July 28-29, 1984TampaFloridaAirport Holiday InnIan Marter, Ron KatzPreview in the Lakeland Ledger
Aug. 3-5, 1984San JoseCaliforniaSainte Claire Hotel Convention CenterTimecon 84Jon Pertwee, John Nathan-Turner, Nicholas Courtney, Gerry Davis, Jonathan FridDW and Dark Shadows. Nathan-Turner was absent from rehearsals for The Two Doctors
Aug. 3-5, 1984BuffaloNew YorkPyramids of BuffaloJohn Nathan-Turner
Aug. 17-19, 1984St. Louis (Clayton)MissouriClayton Plaza Holiday InnTardiscon (Celestial Intervention Agency)Louise Jameson, Nicholas Courtney, John Leeson, Ian MarterAnother "K9 sound-alike contest" was held. Interview with Marter in Starlog 124
Sept. 22-23, 1984New OrleansLouisianaHyatt RegencyCreation
Sept. 29-30, 1984ChicagoIllinoisContinental HotelCreationMark Strickson, John LeesonDW and Star Trek
Oct. 6-7, 1984San FranciscoCaliforniaHoliday Inn Golden GatewayCreationTerry NationDW and Star Trek
Oct. 6-7, 1984BostonMassachusettsMarriott Copley PlaceCreation
Oct. 13-14, 1984AtlantaGeorgiaOmni HotelCreation
Oct. 20-21, 1984St. LouisMissouriBel Air HiltonCreationMary Tamm
Nov. 3-4, 1984PhiladelphiaPennsylvaniaCentre HotelCreationMatthew Waterhouse, Mark Strickson?article in the Philadelphia Inquirer
Nov. 9-11, 1984BuffaloNew YorkExecutive Hotel Buffalo AirportBuffalo Who Fest 1984Jon Pertwee, Elisabeth Sladen, Mary Tamm, John Nathan-Turner, Gary Downie, Gerry Davis, Gail BennettLocation filming for The Mark of the Rani had just been completed. Report in Fantasy Empire 18
Nov. 16-17, 1984RaleighNorth CarolinaMission Valley InnContrastJon Pertwee, Elisabeth Sladen
Nov. 23-25, 1984New York (Manhattan)New YorkOmni Park Central HotelCreationMary Tamm?In her autobiography Second Generation, Tamm mentions being the sole DW guest at a general SF con held in New York, her first-ever visit to that city (although she recalls seeing people dressed in Star Trek The Next Generation costumes, that must be a mixed memory, as that series didn't start until 1987)
Nov. 23-25, 1984Chicago (Rosemont)IllinoisHyatt Regency O'HareTARDIS 21 (Spirit of Light)Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Anthony Ainley, Nicholas Courtney, Nicola Bryant, Janet Fielding, Elisabeth Sladen, Lalla Ward, Mark Strickson, Frazer Hines, John Nathan-Turner, Terrance Dicks, Ian Marter, John Levene, Richard Franklin, Mary TammLocation filming for The Mark of the Rani had been completed. Pertwee and Troughton performed their infamous water-pistol fights. Pertwee recorded a segment for Son of Svengoolie and was interviewed on WGN Radio. Report in DWM 99, DWB 19, and Fantasy Empire 19, and photos HERE, and extensive photo gallery HERE. Articles in the Sun-Times and The Washingon Post
Jan. 12-13, 1985BostonMassachusettsMarriott Copley PlaceCreationSarah Sutton, James DoohanDW and Star Trek
Jan. 26-27, 1985San FranciscoCaliforniaHoliday Inn Golden GatewayCreationMark StricksonDW and Star Trek
Feb?, 1985MiamiFlorida(Omnicon VI?)Nicholas CourtneyCourtney attended a Miami convention in early 1985 - possibly Omnicon VI
Feb. 9-10, 1985ChampaignIllinoisChancellor Convention CenterTime Travellers AnonymousColin Baker, John Nathan-Turner, Sarah Lee, Jon Pertwee, Patrick TroughtonProduction on Revelation of the Daleks had recently been completed. It was on the flight home that Baker read the script for "The Nightmare Fair", which would have been the first story of season 23...
Feb. 9-10, 1985PhiladelphiaPennsylvaniaCenter HotelCreationMary TammDW and Star Trek. Presumably the interview with Tamm appearing in the NJN documentary Doctor Who's Who's Who (and The Home Whovian video) was recorded at this event. Interview with Tamm in Starlog 95
Feb. 23-24, 1985Philadelphia (King of Prussia)PennsylvaniaValley Forge Convention CenterWhovian Festival Tour (DWFCA)Colin Baker, John Nathan-TurnerStarting in 1985, the Whovian Festival Tour was renamed Doctor Who Festival (we have retained the old name in this guide for consistency). Attack of the Cybermen, Vengeance on Varos and The Mark of the Rani are shown. Was this the convention when the tape of Shada was stolen?. Presumably the Nathan-Turner and Baker interviews appearing in the NJN documentary Doctor Who's Who's Who (and The Home Whovian video) were recorded at this event. Soft rumours about the series being cancelled had been circulating. On returning home, Nathan-Turner was summoned to see his bosses...
Mar. 8, 1985TampaFloridaTampa TheaterWhovian Festival Tour (DWFCA)Peter Davison, John Nathan-TurnerThis was Nathan-Turner's first US con after the series had been placed on "hiatus". The event was publicized in the Lakeland Ledger, Mar. 1 and reviewed Mar. 15.
Mar. 9, 1985GainesvilleFloridaO'Connell CenterWhovian Festival Tour (DWFCA)Peter Davison, John Nathan-Turner
Mar. 10, 1985TallahasseeFloridaWhovian Festival Tour (DWFCA)Peter Davison, John Nathan-Turner
Mar. 15-17, 1985St. LouisMissouriHenry VIII HotelHitchhiking to GallifreyPeter Davison, Sandra Dickinson, Mark Wing-DaveyThree month-old Georgia Moffett was in attendance
Mar. 16-17, 1985New York (Manhattan)New YorkRoosevelt HotelCreationJohn Nathan-TurnerAttack of the Cybermen and Vengeance on Varos are shown. Con report in Starlog 96
Mar. 22, 1985MadisonWisconsinDane County ColiseumWhovian Festival Tour (DWFCA)Katy Manning, Terrance DicksArticle in the Capital Times
Mar. 23, 1985ChicagoIllinoisWestin HotelWhovian Festival Tour (DWFCA)Katy Manning, Terrance DicksThe Daemons and Attack of the Cybermen are shown. Report in Fantasy Image 3.
Mar. 23-24, 1985RochesterNew YorkGateway InnCreation
Mar. 24, 1985St. LouisMissouriMarriott HotelWhovian Festival Tour (DWFCA)Katy Manning, Terrance Dicks
Mar. 30-31, 1985BostonMassachusettsBoston SheratonStarlog SF, Horror & Fantasy FestivalNicholas CourtneyThis was one of the first of several Starlog conventions held throughout the year. Con report in Starlog 96
Apr. 13, 1985PhiladelphiaPennsylvaniaPeter Davison, Terrance DicksInterview with Dicks in Marvel US #11, and Davison in #16-17
Apr. 20, 1985PortlandOregonWhovian Festival Tour (DWFCA)Patrick Troughton, John Nathan-TurnerAttack of the Cybermen and The Two Doctors are shown
Apr. 21, 1985San JoseCaliforniaCivic CenterWhovian Festival Tour (DWFCA)Patrick Troughton, John Nathan-TurnerAttack of the Cybermen and The Two Doctors are shown
Apr. 26-28, 1985AustinTexasVilla Capri HotelWho-TexJon Pertwee, Colin Baker
Apr. 27-28, 1985ChicagoIllinoisContinental HotelCreationSarah Sutton?
May 1985TallahasseeFloridaLeon County Civic CenterOmniconPeter Davison, Jon Pertwee?, John Nathan-Turner, Gary Downie, Nicholas Courtney, Michael KeatingDW and Blakes 7. JNT and Downie spent most of May 1985 on holiday in the States, and attended several conventions while there. Omnicon is so far the only one we have identified.
May 17-19, 1985AtlantaGeorgiaNorthlake HiltonDixie-Trek 5Jon Pertwee, Terry Nation
May 25-27, 1985Los AngelesCaliforniaAmbassador HotelCreation
June 8-9, 1985San FranciscoCaliforniaHoliday Inn Golden GatewayCreationNicholas CourtneyDW and Star Trek
June 8-9, 1985ChicagoIllinoisContinental HotelMatthew WaterhouseDW and Star Trek
June 14-16, 1985Phoenix (Scottsdale)ArizonaLa Posada HotelPhoenixconLouise Jameson, John Leeson
June 15-16, 1985PhiladelphiaPennsylvaniaCenter HotelStarlog SF, Horror & Fantasy Festival (Creation)Janet Fielding? (Nicholas Courtney?)General SF. Courtney appeared at a Philadelphia convention, possibly in 1985 - it may have been this Starlog Festival, a follow-on from his appearance at the earlier Starlog Festival in March
June 29-30, 1985TampaFloridaHyatt RegencyCreationColin Baker, John Nathan-Turner, Mark StricksonOnly 150 attended - nicknamed The Convention of Death; the guests didn't get paid
July 12-14, 1985New OrleansLouisianaInternational HotelPanopticon New Orleans/1985 North American Time FestivalColin Baker & Marion Wyatt, John Nathan-Turner, Nicholas Courtney, Gary Downie, Ian LevineTheme was Mardi Gras. Baker and Nathan-Turner dressed as Time Lords (photos of JNT dressed in his floral Time Lord gown abound). A JNT "Look-a-like" contest was held. The They All Axed for Who video documentary was filmed here. Articles in the Times-Picayune, The Victoria Advocate and The Daytona Beach Morning Journal
July 26-28, 1985San JoseCaliforniaConvention and Cultural CenterTimecon 85Colin Baker, Patrick Troughton, Richard Franklin?, Jonathan FridDW and Dark Shadows
July 27-28, 1985New York (Manhattan)New YorkRoosevelt HotelCreationMatthew Waterhouse
1985SpokaneWashingtonNicholas Courtney, John Levene, Richard Franklin, Anthony Ainley, Katy Manning, Ian Marter, John Nathan-TurnerIn his 2005 autobiography, "Still Getting Away With It", Courtney mentions this poorly-run convention, at which the guests had to pay for their own expenses. (This may have been held around the same time as the Tampa Bay Who Fest 1985 (see below), which featured many of the same guests.)
Aug. 2-4, 1985TampaFloridaSheraton-Tampa Motor HotelTampa Bay Who Fest 1985UNIT Reunion: Jon Pertwee, Nicholas Courtney, John Levene, Richard Franklin, Ian Marter, plus John Nathan-Turner, Gary Downie
Aug. 10-11, 1985New YorkNew YorkJon Pertwee
Aug. 10-11, 1985PhiladelphiaPennsylvaniaCenter HotelCreationMark Strickson
Aug. 11, 1985BellinghamWashingtonWestern Washington UniversityWhovian Festival Tour (DWFCA)Nicholas CourtneyFlier seen in They All Axed for Who. Con fictionalized in "So Little Time" by Ryan Boudinot
Aug. 13-14, 1985PhiladelphiaPennsylvaniaJon Pertwee
Aug. 16-18, 1985RochesterNew YorkJon Pertwee
Aug. 16-18, 1985St. Louis (Clayton)MissouriClayton Plaza Holiday InnTardiscon 85 (Celestial Intervention Agency)Ian Marter, Janet Fielding, Frazer Hines
Aug. 22-23, 1985BuffaloNew YorkJon Pertwee
Aug. 24-25, 1985Albany or SyracuseNew YorkJon Pertwee
Aug. 24-25, 1985BostonMassachusettsHyatt RegencyCreationMark Strickson, Judson ScottDW and Star Trek. Article in the Boston Globe
Sept. 7-8, 1985ChicagoIllinoisContinental HotelCreationPeter DavisonAn Unearthly Child, The Dalek Invasion of Earth and The Seeds of Death shown in the video room
Sept. 7-8, 1985ScrantonPennsylvaniaHiltonCreationNicholas Courtney
1985?ClevelandOhioNicholas CourtneyCourtney appeared at a Cleveland convention, possibly in 1985. (May have been Earthcon V, held at Cleveland Hilton South, 20-22 Sept.)
Oct. 1985Whovian Festival Tour (DWFCA)Patrick TroughtonTroughton commenced the October Tour on his own, and was later joined by Colin Baker in Houston...
Oct. 4, 1985HoustonTexasWhovian Festival Tour (DWFCA)Patrick Troughton, Colin Baker
Oct. 5-6, 1985TampaFloridaCurtis Hixon CenterWhovian Festival Tour (DWFCA)Patrick Troughton, Colin Baker, John Nathan-Turner
Oct. 11, 1985RochesterNew YorkRiverside Convention CenterWhovian Festival Tour (DWFCA)Patrick Troughton, Colin Baker
Oct. 13, 1985StamfordConnecticutWhovian Festival Tour (DWFCA)Patrick Troughton, Colin Baker
Oct. 18, 1985New HampshireWhovian Festival Tour (DWFCA)Patrick Troughton, Colin Baker
Oct. 18-20, 1985Philadelphia (King of Prussia)PennsylvaniaValley Forge Convention CenterWhoevent 85 (Aerosports/Spirit of Light)Jon Pertwee, Anthony Ainley, John Levene, Elisabeth Sladen, Lalla Ward, Janet Fielding, Nicola Bryant
Oct. 26-27, 1985San Francisco (Palo Alto)CaliforniaHyatt Rickey'sCreationMatthew Waterhouse, Roger C. CarmelDW and Star Trek
Nov. 8-10, 1985BuffaloNew YorkExecutive HotelPeter Davison, Ian Marter, John Nathan-Turner, Janet Fielding, Gary Downie?
Nov. 9-10, 1985PhiladelphiaPennsylvaniaCenter HotelCreationNicholas Courtney, Nichelle NicholsDW and Star Trek
Nov. 16-18, 1985RaleighNorth CarolinaMission Valley InnContrastunknownDW and general SF
Nov. 29-Dec. 1, 1985ChicagoIllinoisHyatt RegencyTARDIS 22 (Spirit of Light)Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, Janet Fielding, Louise Jameson, Elisabeth Sladen, Mark Strickson, Sarah Sutton, Terry Walsh, Lalla Ward, John Nathan-Turner, Nicola Bryant, John Levene, Richard Franklin, Anthony Ainley, Paul Darrow, Jacqueline PearceReport on local news. Blakes 7 shown in video room. Photos HERE. Photo in the Sun-Times
Nov. 30-Dec. 1, 1985New York (Manhattan)New YorkRoosevelt HotelCreationTerrance DicksDid Dicks ever wonder why he wasn't invited to Chicago?
1985Nicholas CourtneyIn his 2005 autobiography, "Still Getting Away With It", Courtney says he attended around 12 US conventions in 1985. We have identified (by date and name) only ten of them...
Jan. 11-12, 1986ChicagoIllinoisContinental HotelCreation
Jan. 18-19, 1986Washington (Arlington, Va.)District of ColumbiaHyatt Regency Crystal CityCreation
Jan. 25-26, 1986Boston (Cambridge)MassachusettsHyatt Regency CambridgeCreation
Jan. 30-Feb. 2, 1986MiamiFloridaMiami Airport HiltonOmnicon VIIPatrick Troughton, John Nathan-Turner, Caroline Munro, Majel BarrettDW and Star Trek. A photo of Troughton with Munro appears in Starlog 121
Feb. 1-2, 1986San FranciscoCaliforniaHoliday Inn Golden GatewayCreation
Feb. 22-23, 1986New YorkNew YorkRoosevelt HotelCreationMark Strickson
Mar. 2, 1986TampaFloridaTampa TheaterWhovian Festival Tour (DWFCA and WEDU)Colin Baker
Mar. 8-9, 1986OaklandCaliforniaHyatt OaklandCreation
Mar. 20, 1986ConcordNew HampshireHighway HotelWhovian Festival Tour (DWFCA)Patrick TroughtonAudio clips on YouTube HERE and HERE
Mar. 22-23, 1986OrlandoFloridaDisneyland HotelCreation
Mar. 23, 1986TrentonNew JerseyWar Memorial AuditoriumCreationPatrick Troughton
late Mar. 1986Columbus?GeorgiaMagnum OpusPatrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Louise Jameson
Apr. 4-6, 1986New York (Stony Brook)New YorkState University of NYI-Con VJon Pertwee
Apr. 1986New JerseyPatrick Troughton
Apr. 18-20, 1986MilwaukeeWisconsin Doctor in DairylandJon Pertwee, Nicholas Courtney, Mary TammCancelled
Apr. 25-27, 1986St. LouisMissouriHenry VII Inn & LodgeParadoxPatrick Troughton?, Jon Pertwee, Peter DavisonDavison was beginning a six-week long convention tour, from late April to early June
May 2-4, 1986TampaFloridaTampa Airport MarriottWhose 7Colin Baker, Michael KeatingDW and Blakes 7. Baker was mid-way through recording "The Mysterious Planet" segment of The Trial of a Time Lord
May 2-4, 1986AtlantaGeorgiaSheraton Century Center HotelDixie Trek 86Peter Davison, John Nathan-TurnerReport on GPTV. Interviews and other footage from the event was broadcast live on GPTV:HERE and HERE. Preview in The Atlanta Constitution. A few days after, Davison travelled to Washington DC to attend the next event on his busy schedule....
May 8, 1986WashingtonDistrict of ColumbiaDoctor Who USA TourPeter Davison, Michael GradeThe inaugural launch of the travelling Doctor Who Exhibit - see our dedicated PAGE. Davison then spent the rest of May attending DWFCA conventions...
May 10-11, 1986New York (Manhattan)New YorkRoosevelt HotelStarlog SF, Horror & Fantasy Festival (Creation)Nicholas CourtneyGeneral SF
May 17, 1986DenverColoradoWhovian Festival Tour (DWFCA)Peter Davison
May 18, 1986PhoenixArizonaWhovian Festival Tour (DWFCA)Peter Davison
May 23, 1986St. PaulMinnesotaProm CenterWhovian Festival Tour (DWFCA)Peter DavisonPress coverage HERE
May 23-26, 1986New BrunswickNew JerseyHyatt HotelWhovent 86 (Spirit of Light with Aerosport Ltd.)Patrick Troughton, John Nathan-Turner, Frazer Hines, Louise Jameson, Bonnie Langford
May 23-25, 1986AustinTexasAustin Marriott HotelWho-Tex IIJon Pertwee
May 25, 1986BostonMassachusettsWhovian Festival Tour (DWFCA)Peter DavisonInterview with Davison conducted in Boston in Starlog 127
May 30-June 1, 1986MadisonWisconsinWisconsin Union TheatreWhovent 86 (Spirit of Light and WHA)Peter Davison, Lalla Ward, Louise Jameson, Mark Strickson, Sarah Sutton, John Nathan-Turner, Bonnie Langford (1st con)At the time, Bonnie Langford hadn't recorded any scenes for the series! (Production was half-way through the "Mindwarp" segment of The Trial of a Time Lord.) Interview with Langford in Starlog 113, and Strickson in 128. Shada was shown. Report in DWB 40. TV ad for the event.
May 31-June 1, 1986San FranciscoCaliforniaHoliday Inn Golden GatewayOfficial Starlog FestivalTerry Nation
July 12-13, 1986Boston (Cambridge)MassachusettsHyatt CambridgeCreation
July 25-27, 1986San JoseCaliforniaRed Lion InnTimecon 86Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Tom Baker?, Anthony Ainley, plus various guests from The Voyage HomeDW and Star Trek. Report on local news
July 25, 1986AtlantaGeorgia Atlanta Fantasy FairTerry Nation
Aug. 1-3, 1986St. LouisMissouriAdam's Mark HotelTardiscon/Time Festival '86 (Celestial Intervention Agency)Colin Baker, Mark Strickson, John Nathan-Turner, Frazer Hines, Ian Marter, Sarah Sutton, Nicola Bryant, Nicholas CourtneyBaker had completed the first studio recording session for the Vervoid segment of The Trial of a Time Lord
Aug. 15-17, 1986SpokaneWashingtonSpokane SheratonTime Fest '86 (IEDAWS)Jon Pertwee, Louise Jameson?, John Nathan-Turner?, Anthony Ainley, John Levene, Richard Franklin, Terrance Dicks
Aug. 15-17, 1986NashvilleTennesseeHyatt RegencySpirit of LightColin Baker, Bonnie Langford, Mark Strickson, Lalla Ward, Janet Fielding, Louise Jameson?, John Nathan-Turner?, Frazer Hines
Sept. 12, 1986WashingtonDistrict of ColumbiaWhovent '86 (Spirit of Light)Tom Baker, Colin BakerA bearded Colin Baker had completed all recording for his second season. Photos of the two Bakers on tour can be seen HERE. Interview with T Baker in Starlog 115, and C Baker in Starlog 115 and 118
Sept. 13, 1986PhiladelphiaPennsylvaniaWhovent '86 (Spirit of Light)Tom Baker, Colin Baker
Sept. 14, 1986NashvilleTennesseeWhovent '86 (Spirit of Light)Tom Baker, Colin Baker
Sept. 18, 1986AtlantaGeorgiaHyatt RegencyWhovent '86 (Spirit of Light)Tom Baker, Colin BakerArticle in the Journal-Constitution
Sept. 19, 1986MilwaukeeWisconsinWhovent '86 (Spirit of Light)Tom Baker, Colin Baker
Sept. 21, 1986Chicago (Rosemont)IllinoisSheraton O'HareWhovent '86 (Spirit of Light)Tom Baker, Colin BakerReserved seat and autograph for the first one hundred $150 pledges to WTTW
Sept. 26, 1986BostonMassachusettsWhovent '86 (Spirit of Light)Tom Baker, Colin Baker
Sept. 27-28, 1986New York (Brooklyn)New YorkWhovent '86 (Spirit of Light)Tom Baker, Colin Baker
Oct. 4, 1986MinneapolisMinnesotaMinneapolis ArmoryWhovian Festival Tour (DWFCA)Patrick Troughton, Colin BakerThis was held in conjunction with the Doctor Who USA Tour
Oct. 5, 1986MadisonWisconsinMadison Civic CenterWhovian Festival Tour (DWFCA)Patrick Troughton, Colin BakerThis was held in conjunction with the Doctor Who USA Tour
Oct. 25-26, 1986Niagara FallsNew YorkBest Western Red Jacket HotelFall-Con I 86Janet Fielding, John Nathan-Turner, ad says "Colin Baker or Patrick Troughton"DW and general SF
Nov. 2-3, 1986HoustonTexasRamada HotelDoctorcon Minicon
Nov. 2, 1986Boston (Wakefield)MassachusettsWakefield Hilton Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee
Nov. 28-30, 1986ChicagoIllinoisTARDIS 23Cancelled
Feb. 5-8, 1987Fort LauderdaleFloridaOceanside Holiday InnOmnicon (Homecoming Celebration)John Nathan-TurnerArticle in The Miami Herald
Mar. 6-8, 1987MilfordPennsylvaniaMalibu Dude RanchWhoski 87 (The Prydonians of Prynceton)Mark Strickson, Ian Marter
Mar. 8, 1987BellinghamWashingtonWestern Washington UniversityWhovian Festival Tour (Doctor Who Club of Western Washington University and DWFCA)Colin BakerThe Trial of a Time Lord was shown.
Mar. 27-29, 1987New York (Stony Brook)New YorkState University of NYI-Con VIColin Baker
Mar. 27-29, 1987ColumbusGeorgiaColumbus HiltonMagnum OpusPatrick Troughton, Louise Jameson, Anthony AinleyIt was during this event, on 28 March, that Troughton died. Footage from 27 March 1987, Troughton's final public appearance HERE
May 22-24, 1987AtlantaGeorgiaHyatt RegencyDixie Trek 87Jon Pertwee, Janet Fielding, Mark Strickson, Michael KeatingReport on GPTV.
July 3-5, 1987Chicago (Lisle)IllinoisHickory Ridge Conference CenterTime Festival 87John Nathan-Turner, Janet Fieldingcancelled
July 11?, 1987St. PaulMinnesotaCollege of St. Catherine'sSylvester McCoy (1st con)McCoy had recently finished all work on Delta and the Bannermen. This event was part of the Doctor Who USA Tour. An interview with McCoy appears in the Doctor Who Then and Now video; presumably recorded at this time
July 25?, 1987St. PaulMinnesotaWhovian Festival Tour (DWFCA)Louise Jameson
July 31-Aug. 2, 1987San JoseCaliforniaSan Jose Convention CenterTimecon 87Colin Baker
Oct. 10-12, 1987Chicago (Rosemont)IllinoisHoliday Inn O'HareThe First All British Television Convention (Brit. T.V.)Richard Franklin, Dave Rogers (The Avengers author)
Nov. 27-29, 1987New York (Manhattan)New YorkPenta HotelCreationJohn Nathan-TurnerDW and SF
Jan. 9-10, 1988WashingtonDistrict of ColumbiaGeorge Washington UniversityOde to the Time Lord and MasterAnthony Ainley, Louise Jameson, Carole Ann Ford, John Levene
Feb. 5-7, 1988Fort LauderdaleFloridaOceanside Holiday InnOmnicon VIIIJohn Nathan-Turner, Nicola Bryant, Frazer Hines, Gary Downie
Mar. 18-20, 1988Kansas CityMissouriHilton Plaza InnTime-Loop '88 (Chancellory Guard of Kansas City)John Levene, Anthony Ainley, Mark Strickson, Deborah Watling
Mar. 25-27, 1988Columbus (Macon)GeorgiaIron Works and Con Trade CenterMagnum Opus IIIColin Baker, Anthony Ainley
Apr. 15-17, 1988New York (Stony Brook)New YorkState University of NYI-Con VIISylvester McCoy, Anthony AinleyLocation filming for Remembrance of the Daleks had just been completed. Interview with McCoy in Starlog 134
May 1, 1988TrentonNew JerseyRelaxiconSophie Aldred (1st con), Sylvester McCoy?Aldred had just finished all work on Remembrance of the Daleks and appeared on pledge breaks for New Jersey Network. Interview with Aldred in Starlog 135.
May 6-8, 1988SeattleWashingtonHyatt HotelAngliconTerry Nation, Paul Darrow, Michael KeatingBritish media con
May 13-15, 1988AtlantaGeorgiaSheraton Century Center HotelDixie Trek 88Jon Pertwee?, Nicholas CourtneyReport on GPTV. Article in the Journal-Constitution
May 1988HoustonTexasDoctorcon
June 24-26, 1988AtlantaGeorgiaHilton and TowersFantasy Fair XIVpossibly no DW guests
July 1-3, 1988St. PaulMinnesotaRadisson HotelThe 1988 North American Time Festival (Whoniversity)Jon Pertwee, Frazer Hines, Janet Fielding, Mark Strickson, John Nathan-Turner, Andrew CartmelTo celebrate 25 years of Doctor Who. Articles in The Pioneer Press and The Star Tribune.
July 29-31, 1988San JoseCaliforniaLeBaron HotelTimecon 88Nicola Bryant, Sylvester McCoyMcCoy cancelled due to work delays on The Happiness Patrol
Aug. 12-14, 1988St. LouisMissouriPark Terrace Airport HiltonTardiscon 88 / Confusion (Celestial Intervention Agency)Colin Baker, John Leeson, Michael KeatingInterview with Leeson in Starlog 143
Sept. 24-25, 1988DenverColoradoRegency HotelStarcon 88possibly no DW guests
Oct. 2, 1988DaytonOhioHoliday Innunknown
Oct. 1988ClevelandOhio(A Day with the Doctor I?)Multi-media event. John Nathan-Turner was to have been a guest, but was dropped when the event organizers decided he was too expensive!
Nov. 19, 1988NewarkNew JerseySylvester McCoy, Sophie AldredMcCoy and Aldred invited to attend premiere screening of The Making of Doctor Who (Silver Nemesis), and to record pledges for NJN. McCoy then departed to attend the Silver Anniversary Cruise from Miami...
Nov. 20-25, 1988MiamiFloridaSS GalileoSilver Anniversary CruiseSylvester McCoy, John Nathan-Turner, Frazer Hines, Colin Baker?, Sarah Sutton, Gary Downie?Interview with Sutton in Starlog 144
Feb. 1989Fort LauderdaleFloridaS.P.I.conDeborah Watling
Mar. 10-12, 1989ChicagoIllinoisSouth Expo CenterFirst Intergalactic Expo (DWFCA as Out of This World Productions)Colin Baker, Terry Nation, Nichelle Nichols, Kevin PollakRon Katz is interviewed on WTTW. Full page ad in Whovian Times vol. 18.
Mar. 17-19, 1989GreenvilleSouth CarolinaHyatt RegencyMagnum Opus IVSylvester McCoyA few days later, McCoy commenced filming for The Curse of Fenric
Mar. 31-Apr. 2, 1989St. LouisMissouriBreckinridge Frontenec HotelFantasy Fan FairJohn Levene, Janet Fielding, Frazer Hines?
Mar. 31-Apr. 2, 1989New York (Stony Brook)New YorkState University of NYI-Con 8Sylvester McCoy
May 26-28, 1989Chicago (Lincolnwood)IllinoisLincolnwood HyattBrit-TV II ConseminarTerry Nation, Gerry Davis, Patrick MacneeBritish media con
June 16-18, 1989AtlantaGeorgiaRadissonDixie Trek 89Jon PertweeDW and Star Trek
June 30-July 2, 1989St. PaulMinnesotaRadissonPolarisCon ISylvester McCoy, John Levene, George Takei, Walter Koenig, John Nathan-Turner, Andrew CartmelDW and Star Trek. McCoy had completed all work on Survival
July 28-30, 1989San JoseCaliforniaLeBaron HotelTimecon 89Janet Fielding, John Levene, John de Lancie
Sept. 22-24, 1989ColumbusOhioRamada InnTimelord '89 (aka North American Time Festival) (Timelords of the Miami Valley)Anthony Ainley, Terry Nation, Sylvester McCoy, Nicholas Courtney, John Nathan-Turner, Gary DownieNicholas Courtney had been invited, but was "dropped". Sylvester McCoy was to be a surprise guest, but he, John Nathan-Turner and Gary Downie never showed up! (In a fax later sent by Nathan-Turner, they claimed that their plane tickets never arrived so they never made their flight.) Report in DWB 72
Nov. 10-11, 1989St. LouisMissouriStouffer Concourse HotelBrits in SpaceSophie Aldred, John Levene, Paul Darrow, Michael Keating, Jacqueline Pearce
Jan. 7-14, 1990MiamiFloridaOmnicon British Fantaseas CruiseJohn Nathan-Turner, Gary Downie
Feb. 3-4, 1990Dallas (Addison)TexasHarvey HotelWhovest '90 (KERA)Colin Baker, Terry Nation
Mar. 17, 1990BaltimoreMarylandOmni HotelFriends of Doctor WhoTom Baker, Sophie AldredPhotos of Baker and Aldred together, HERE (bottom of page)
Mar. 23-25, 1990GreenvilleSouth CarolinaHyatt RegencyMagnum Opus VTerry Nation
Mar. 30-Apr. 1, 1990RochesterNew York Rochester United WhoconSylvester McCoycancelled
Mar. 31-Apr. 1, 1990New York (Stony Brook)New YorkState University of NYI-Con IXSylvester McCoy
May 4-6, 1990SeattleWashington Radisson Hotel Seattle AirportAnglicon III Nicholas Courtney, Roy DotriceBritish media con
June 15-17, 1990PhiladelphiaPennsylvaniaPenn Towers HotelTimewarp 90John Nathan-Turner, Anthony Ainley?, Colin Baker?
July 6-8, 1990AthensOhioA Happening at the InnJon Pertwee?
July 6-8, 1990ColumbusOhioTour de Force OneJon Pertwee?, Nicholas Courtney
Aug. 11-12, 1990San Francisco (Concord)CaliforniaSheratonUnicon 90Colin Baker, Nicholas Courtney, John Levene, Terry Nation, Michael KeatingDW and Blakes 7. Nation was unable to attend due to illness. Footage from this event featured on BSB's 31 Who weekend special, broadcast 22 September 1990
Aug. 18, 1990ClevelandOhioCleveland Music HallA Day with the Doctor II (Friends of Doctor Who)Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoyUsing video effects, Baker "regenerated" into McCoy, as can be seen HERE. Report in DWB 82 and 84
Sept. 23-25, 1990UrbanaOhioTimelord '90Sylvester McCoy, Sophie Aldred, Anthony Ainley, David Banks, John Levene
Sept. 29-30, 1990St. Paul (Roseville)MinneapolisPseudocon (The Whoniversity)John Levene, Richard Franklin
Oct. 6-7, 1990St. LouisMissouriHenry the 8th HotelCreationSarah Sutton
Dec. 8, 1990New York (Long Island)New YorkRadisson PlazaFriends of Doctor WhoTom BakerBaker recited "A Christmas Carol"
1990-on goingLos Angeles areaCaliforniaGallifrey Onesee the convention's website
1990-1998Chicago (Rosemont)IllinoisVisionssee the wikipedia article
Feb. 1-3, 1991OrlandoFloridaRamada HotelOmniconTom Baker, Sylvester McCoy
Mar. 27-29, 1991GreenvilleSouth CarolinaGreenville HyattMagnum Opus VIpossibly no DW guests
Apr. 6, 1991IndianapolisIndianaWarren Performing Arts CenterWhoosierCon I (Whoosier Network)UNIT Reunion: Jon Pertwee, Katy Manning, John Levene, Richard Franklin, John Freeman (DWM), with Nicholas Courtney via telephone!Report in DWB 91. Post con 'thank yous' can be read HERE
Apr. 19-21, 1991New York (Stony Brook)New YorkState University of NYI-Con XSylvester McCoy, John Levene, Tom Baker
July 1991Ann Arbor?MichiganPerpetual Tea PartyDoctor Who, Star Trek, British TV
Aug. 9-11, 1991BloomingtonMinnesotaThunderbird Hotel and Convention CenterPolarisCon II (Time, Space, & Fantasy, Inc.)Peter Davison, Nichelle NicholsDW and Star Trek
1991-2007SpringfieldMassachusettsUnited Fan Consee the convention's website
Mar. 27-29, 1992IndianapolisIndianaBest Western Waterfront Plaza HotelWhoosierCon II (Whoosier Network)Sylvester McCoy, Sophie Aldred, Danny John-Jules, Robert Llewellyn, Jean Marc LofficierDW and Red Dwarf
Mar. 26-29, 1992Georgia?Magnum Opus VII
July 11-12, 1992San Francisco (Concord)CaliforniaSheraton HotelUniconPeter Davison
July 24-26, 1992San Jose CaliforniaRed Lion InnCon-FusedColin Bakermedia con
Aug. 21-23, 1992St. LouisMissouriHenry VIII HotelTardiscon '92Sophie Aldred, John Levene
Sept. 4-7, 1992MinneapolisMinnesotaPark Inn InternationalPseudocon II (The Whoniversity)Anthony Ainley, John Levene
Oct. 16-18, 1992St. LouisMissouriHenry VIII HotelFantasy Fair 92Sophie Aldred, Frazer Hines, Anthony Ainley
Feb. 20-21, 1993BostonMassachusettsCopley Plaza HotelK&L ProductionsJon PertweeSF media con
Mar. 20, 1993Baltimore (Linthicum)MarylandMarriott Hotel ArcCon (Arcalians of Albuquerque)Sylvester McCoy, Sophie Aldred
Apr. 16-18, 1993New York (Stony Brook)New YorkState University of NYI-Con XIIJon Pertwee, Sylvester McCoyDW, Star Trek and Babylon 5
May 14-16, 1993SeattleWashingtonSeaTac Radisson HotelAnglicon VIColin Baker, Michael Des BarresBritish media con
June 4-6, 1993Oklahoma CityOklahomaCentral Plaza HotelThundercon 3Sylvester McCoy
Nov. 19-21, 1993SpringfieldMassachusettsSheratonWishCon IIIJohn LeveneArticle in the Union-News
Nov. 21-28, 1993MiamiFlorida Who Cruise '93Sylvester McCoy, Nicholas Courtney, John Nathan-Turner, Gary Downie
1993Panopticon 8Terrance Dicks, Barry Letts
June 10-12, 1994DenverColoradoBest Western Executive SuitesBritannicon (KBDI)Colin Baker, Sophie Aldred
Nov. 3-5, 1995SpringfieldMassachusettsSheratonWishcon 5 (U.S. Branch of Unit)Mary Tamm, John PeelRenamed FanCon in 1996
Mar. 29-30, 1996WilmingtonNorth CarolinaCoast Line Convention Center Wholucination IIAnthony Ainley, Elisabeth Sladen
May 3-5, 1996SeattleWashingtonSeaTac Quality InnAnglicon IXAnneke Wills, Gillian Horvarth, Donna LettowBritish media con
May 11, 1996Los AngelesCaliforniaAmbrosia Books and CollectiblesDoctor Who: A Celebration (The Time Meddlers of Los Angeles)John Levene, Randy and Jean-Marc Lofficier
June 28-30, 1996St. LouisMissouriHenry VIII HotelCondition RedJohn Levene, Robert LlewellynDW and Red Dwarf. Cancelled. Postponed to 1997.
Nov. 1-3, 1996SpringfieldMassachusetts FanCon VI (U.S. Branch of Unit)Mary Tamm, John PeelEarlier events were called Wishcon
May 10-11, 1997AlbuquerqueNew MexicoArcCon (Arcalians of Albuquerque)Anneke Wills
May 1997SeattleWashingtonAnglicon XPhilip SegalBritish media con
June 27-29, 1997St. LouisMissouriHenry VIII HotelCondition RedJohn Levene, Robert LlewellynDW and Red Dwarf. Postponed from 1996 and cancelled.
Oct. 12, 1997SacramentoCaliforniaBeverly Garland HotelMysticon '97Nicola Bryant, John Levene
May 15-17, 1998TacomaWashingtonBest Western Executive InnAnglicon XIJohn Levene, Danny John-Jules, Craig Charles, Robert LlewellynBritish media con
Dec. 13-18, 1999MiamiFloridaThe Sci-Fi Sea CuisePeter Davison
July 2-4, 1999Twin Cities (Bloomington)MinnesotaRadisson SouthCONvergenceGary Russellspeculative fiction con
2000St. PaulMinnesotaRadissonCONvergenceKeith Toppingspeculative fiction con
2000-on-goingChicago areaIllinoisChicago TARDISsee the convention's website

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