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FINLAND is part of Fenno-Scandinavia, in northern Europe .


Doctor Who did not screen on any terrestrial TV stations in Finland, but from 24 March 1987 it was available via the UK satellite station Super Channel.

Doctor Who merchandise was also available in Finland in the form of books and videos:


Finnish novelisation – Spearhead from Space
Finnish novelisation – The Silurians

In 1976, a publisher called Weilen & Göös released hardback adaptations of two of the Target novelisations, translated into Finnish:


Marsin Pyramidit

In January 1986, Sesam Video released a commercial VHS video-cassette of Pyramids of Mars - under the title "DR WHO - MARSIN PYRAMIDIT", with the original English audio soundtrack and Finnish subtitles. (The same company also released the same story on video in Norway in 1985.)


  • The two Peter Cushing Dalek movies aired on television, on 6 and 13 October 2006 respectively.
  • Doctor Who currently airs on MTV3 SCI-FI; they are playing older series as well as the new series. Tom Baker stories commenced in 2008.
  • The Finnish Wikipedia, complete with Finnish "titles" can be read: HERE

Finland in Doctor Who